China Electronic Manufacturing Service Factory with advanced

What is EMS?

EMS ia abbreviation of Electronic Manufacturing Services,it also known as Electronic Contract Manufacturing (ECM), is a new industry. It refers to the manufacturer that provides a series of services such as Manufacturing, purchasing, partial design and logistics for the owner of an Electronic product brand.


pcb assembly                                                       pcb fabrication                                      conponent purchase pcb

PCB Aseembly                                            PCB  Fabrication                       ONE-STOP Service

Quick-turn prototype assembly                           Double side PCB                                    Conponent purchase

Turn-key assembly                                              HDIPCB                                                  Packing desire
Partial turn-key assembly                                    Multilayer PCB                                     Consignment and after-sales
Consignment assembly                                       Aluminum base PCB

RoHS compliant lead-free assembly                   FPC PCB
Non-RoHS assembly                                           Rigid-flex PCB
Conformal coating                                              Quickturn PCB
Final box-build and packaging