China High Density Interconnector printedcircuit board with high quality


hdi pcb


HDI boards, one of the fastest growing technologies in PCBs, are now available at Winow new energy. HDI Boards contain blind and/or buried vias and often contain microvias of .006 or less in diameter. They have a higher circuitry density than traditional circuit boards.

 There are 6 different types of HDI boards, through vias from surface to surface, with buried vias and through vias, two or more HDI layer with through vias, passive substrate with no electrical connection, coreless construction using layer pairs and alternate constructions of coreless constructions using layer pairs.

 HDI any-layer printed circuit boards are the next technological enhancement of HDI microvia printed circuit boards: all the electrical connections between the individual layers consist of laser-drilled microvias. The main advantage of this technology is that all the layers can be freely interconnected. To produce these circuit boards, RayMing uses laser-drilled microvias electroplated with copper.


 The HDI PCBs we provide include the following dramatic features:

  • Blind and/or buried vias

  • Min. Line Width/Space: 0.05/0.05mm

  • Via-in-pad

  • Through vias from surface to surface

  • 20 µm circuit geometries

  • 30 µm dielectric layers

  • 50 µm laser vias

  • 125 µm bump pitch processing

  • Surface Finish: ENIG/OSP/HASL/Au Plating (soft/hard)/ Immersion Ag/ Immersion Tin/ Bright Tin Plating/Ag Plating/Carbon Ink

 Benefits of HDI PCB (Printed Circuit Boards) manufacturing with NOD:

  • Shorter PCB manufacturing time-to-market and enhanced machine performance for Flip Chip, BGA, MCM, SIP technologies.

  • Ultra thin cores, fine line geometries and alternative via methods for improved thermal transfer for thermal PCBs.

  • In compliance with 20um circuit geometries, 30um dielectric layers, 50um laser vias and 125um bump pitch processing.

  • Allows reducing the lead times by combining the manufacturing capabilities with a profound understanding of high speed digital and high frequency RF package requirements.

  • Increases the area for PCB designer to place electronical components and also enhances faster signal transmission and reduced signal loss.

  • Our high HDI PCB boards have the technology-driving capabilities to bring applications in a large number of industries including but not limited to semiconductor test equipment, military weapons, medical, and us ,we will quote to you in one hour.