China Winowpcba PCB Manufacturing and PCB Assembly Marketing procedure

PCB Marketing Procedure

Winow is not only a PCB Assembly house ,but also is  a PCB manufacturer.we follow strictly marketing procedure to reach our customer target. we have series of  PCB service peocedure,it can be divided into two part,One is PCB pre-sale,including our fast quotation in 1hour as well as Engineering checking etc.The other one is PCB-after sale,including  QA analysing,8Dreport.  

pcb market procedure


 PCBA Marketing  Procedure

Winow  China PCB Assembly house is electronic manufacturing service provider with advanced SMT technology .Winow is one-stop EMS factory,we got a series of PCBA solution. we provide PCB prototype fabrication,component sourcing,packing design and  consignment service ,in this case ,not only can we save your valuable time ,abut also we can cut down the production cost. what's more ,Winow regard PCB quality  as vital role in fabrication.Although winow was founded for a short time,but we believe that we we wil be the leader in china pcba industry in future.


pcba marketing procedure