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Multilayer PCB
 Winow new energy is the company you can trust for the best in printed circuit boards in china  for use in advanced electronics. We specialize in the design and production of multilayer printed circuit boards, Of course ,we also can handle more complex PCB ,such as HDI PCB,FPC,Rigid-flex PCB as well as Aluminum base PCB .If you need your PCBs in hand as fast as possible, you can trust Winow.

 Our highly trained assembly technicians specialize in multilayer circuit boardsThey use state-of-the-art multilayer circuit board fabrication equipment to ensure that the finished boards we distribute meet your exacting standards and technical specifications. You will also find that our multilayer PCB price fits your project budget.

 8layer multilayer pcb

Multilayer PCB consist of 3 or more circuit layers bonded together by a thickness of insulating material called prepreg and core. Multilayer printed circuit boards are most complicated than others, and are generally considered to be the most sophisticated PCB product due to their construction methods and design complexities.
These are a few of the applications using multilayer printed circuit boards:

● Communications ● Industrial controls
● GPS technology ● Aerospace
● Computers ● Military
● Medical ● Satellite systems

General specification for Multi-layer printed circuit board
1, 4-38 layers         multilayer pcb
2, Board finished thickness: 0.3mm-7.0mm
3, Material: FR-4, CEM-1, CEM-3, High TG, FR4 halogen Free, Rogers, Telfon.
4, Max. Finished board size: 23*25(580*900mm)
5, Min. Drilled hole size: 6mil(0.15mm)
6, Min. Line width: 3mil(0.075mm), Min. Line spacing: 3mil(0.075mm)
7, Surface finish/treatment: HASL/HASL lead free, Chemical tin, ENIG,Immersion Silver, OSP, etc.
8, Copper thickness: 0.5-20 oz
9, Solder mask color: Green/yellow/black/white/red/blue
10, Copper thickness in hole: >25.0 um(>1mil)