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Apple's new product launch-New Electronic Technology

Recently, Apple Inc hold a new product launch which arise the great attention of the society.

This new iphone were named as iphoneXS &iphoneXS Max  which use  the A12 bionic chip, is the industry's first 7-nanometer chip with 6.9 billion transistors.Its performance has improved a lot, energy efficiency has been reduced by 40%, and the speed has been increased by 50%.

Since last year's debut of apple's neural network on iPhoneX, this year has seen another big performance boost, this year with an 8-core design.Last year the A11 neural engine ran 600 billion operations per second, and this year the A12 is capable of 5 trillion calculations per second.The system is now available to developers, and programs developed using the engine can be up to nine times faster than they used to be.The new system can improve more AR experiences.

As for the occur of this new products ,is it will be the  new breakthrough of  electronic industry? Let witness! 


I have to said that it reminds me of  Apple's agent plant FOXCONNFOXCONN official listing in MAY this years. According to the my knowFOXCONN PCB accounted for 40 percent of the cost,shenghong technology , ShenNan circuit are their mainly  business parrtner.  so their stock price have arised with the  official listing of FOXCONN