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Electronia exhibition event 2018 in Munich Germany

The 28th electronica exhibition 2018 in Munich Germany has been successfully concluded for several days .

Founded in 1964 and held once in two years, Munich electronics exhibition in Germany is the world's largest professional exhibition of electronic components with zero component.

Accoding to the data showed,In 2016, There are 2,913 manufacturers from more than 50 countries took part in the event, attracting 73,451 visitors from 84 countries in just four days.The exhibition focuses on PCB industry,vehicle electronics, green electronics and medical electronics applications, and covers electronic components and modules such as semi-conducting bodies, embedded systems, inductive panels and wireless modules.This exhibition is the springboard for Chinese enterprises to enter European countries and global electronic market, and also the best opportunity to contact global professional buyers.

The electronica takes place biennially, and therefore for the 29th time previsibly in November 2020 in Munich.and Our winow is intend to take part in this event in 2020.