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China small sized PCB manufacturer gradually withdraw from the market


According to the PCB industry thematic report, it is showied  that most of China small and medium-sized   PCB manufactureror  have   gradually withdraw from the market.

On the one hand ,PCB raw materials such as copper foil, epoxy resin prices continued to rise,while the copper clad plate of PCB core raw material also rises in line with the trend, with an average annual price increase of 10% to 20%, leading to a sharp rise in the cost of PCB raw material.

On the other hand,China  governments strictly excuted  emissidssdon targets to control the total amount of pollution discharge(new energy), and excuted environmental protection tax in 2018 years. Affected by environmental protection policies, PCB manufacturers in many regions of China were forced to limit production and stop production. A large number of PCB industry related manufacturers were forced to close their plants due to the lack of emission indicators.

Under the double pressure of strict environmental protection and rising raw material price, small and medium-sized manufacturers in the PCB industry chain gradually withdraw from the market. PCB manufacturer,PCBA manufacturer leader, such as shennan electric circuit, jingwang electronics, shengyi technology,sayfu multilayer, hold the advantage of environmental protection index and capital scale, expand production capacity to seize market share.

It can concluded that traditional small-sized PCB manufacturer  is hard to develop with the rapid development of society,They need to transfer ,maybe  update is better to say that.Providing electronic manufacturing service ( EMS ) is a good choice for them Increase competitiveness