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The big winners of the 5G era-PCB

The arrival of 5G is the beginning of the real interconnection of the world. With the advent of 5G era, communication PCB will also usher in a good time!

Recently, 5G began trials in Chinese cities.so What specific impact will it bring on the PCB industry?

1. Base station PCB in 5G era with the volume price rising,Conservative calculations show that the PCB value of a single 5G base station is more than twice that of 4G

2.The demand for 5G mobile phones, Personal computer  thinness improve the FPC market space.

3. Electronic and intelligent vehicles will bring incremental market space to PCB


NOW,China PCB  industry leader such as SHENNAN Circuit ,XINGSEN Technology  have hold conference claiming that they would focus on the development of 5G Commuincation PCB