High quality control system Advanced SMT technology in Winow pcba China

solder paste press printer





1.Solder paste printing




apply adhesive




 2.apply adhesive





pcb paster



3.using  automated pasting machine to pick up the surface pasting components from the feeder and accurately paste them onto the PCB.




qc inspection



4.Before the component passes the reflow welding, it needs to check whether the component is properly pasted and its position is offset



reflow- soldering



5. melt the solder on the solder plate with the flow welding process of heat convection technology, and form the mechanical and electrical interconnection between the component lead and the wire pad





6.For through-hole insert components and surface mount elements that cannot be attached by some machines, such as some plug-in electrolytic capacitors, connectors, button switches and metal end electrode elements (MELF), manual insert or component insert with automatic insert equipment.



pcba wave soldering




7.Wave soldering is mainly used to weld through hole inserts.




ict texting machine


8.ICT Inspection



pcb repair  

9.Defective repair







aoi inspection   

10.AOI  inspection




pcba cleaning2